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Harnel has emerged as one of the top known brands today and is a family owned business which has not only worked with the mind frame of earning profits, but has also targeted the values and needs of people in the society. There are always some principals which set the tone of any company or organization and we believe it works well. We take immense pride in our customer service and like to extend our ear to listen to the needs and requirements of our new as well as existing clients. We leave no stone unturned in order to create the best possible value in the product based on their quality and price. Some of the products which we offer include extensive lines of greeting cards, Mylar balloons which are very colorful and appealing , fashion jewelry and a new line of gift bags.

We understand that there are very few things in life which can bring a smile to your face. In a world where sorrow has become an unfortunate part of our life and surroundings, it has become even more urgent to lighten moods and create happiness. Nothing can work as well as greeting cards or balloons for children, as well as adults. Greeting cards can be used for any occasion and automatically have the power of making the receiver smile seeing the design and the write-up in the card, whereas on the other hand, balloons are without any doubt an important part of every child’s life. Children get fascinated seeing the balloons and are always ready to hold it in their possession.For adults, a simple card for any occasion or a birthday balloon can give a great lift to their spirits. Balloons today can be seen in many shapes and figures and greeting cards are available for all everyday occasions and seasons. They are available in both wrapped (for protection against damage and dirt) or unwrapped (for better display). Specialty cards are also available including Pet cards (featuring dogs and cats) and Spanish language cards.

We welcome our new and existing clients with a large selection of stylish Mylar balloons like birthday, get well, new baby, congratulations, love, smiley face, thank you, etc. People can also select from many minor categories like open house, garage sale, ladies night out, good luck and welcome to name a few. These kinds of balloons actually become the attraction for stores so that they can pull the customers in to view their items. We also provide balloons which are specially created for, and best suited to, seasonal/ holiday purposes like Valentine’s Day, mother’s day and graduation. The variety also includes lesser seasons such as boss’s day, sweetest day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Easter. One of our favorite activities , which makes us feel proud, is selling such products to organizations, businesses, schools, and churches for events , promotions , and fund raising. The most preferred Mylar balloons for such entities are solid colors which we carry and which are available in several different shapes such as round, star and heart shape. We are happy to increase our line of jumbo and shaped Mylar balloons to satisfy those who want to have a more festive, fancier celebration.

Our collection also carries important accessories such as latex balloons, curling ribbons and balloon weights. We also offer free shipping on $125 orders which surely makes us user friendly.